Needed: 1 Good Intern

Do you know someone who has just graduated from an accounting, business or finance program and is considering pursuing the new Canadian-CPA designation?

Within the ministry of Advanced Education I am recruiting my first ‘pre-CPA’ intern. I am looking for that one person (young, new-Canadian, new career) who can shine and make the program widely successful within the Government of Alberta.

I am keen to have the right person because:

  1. I love working with bright, motivated people who push my envelope and who I can mentor to future success
  2. The first often influences the rest – I want that one person who helps others to understand what a successful intern program looks like; success to creates success
  3. As the ministry of Advanced Education, I want/need to demonstrate that we walk the talk in fields of learning and leveraging Albertan and international post-secondary graduates

Below are two key links, one an overview of the recruitment the second my philosophy on running intern programs.  As time and interest permits, I will post future blogs on the value of things like:

  • Running pre-recruitment conference calls
  • The value, costs and benefits of testing before selecting the short list
  • Onboarding the first intern, how hard can it be?
  • The pre-CPA-Training program: does it work and its value

Key Links