Pin the Tale on the Disruption

This is a conclusion of a previous blog series entitled ‘Seven Days of Disruption‘.  These blogs discussed a variety of potential disruptions that could affect the public service.  During a Financial Management Institute conference entitled ‘Disruptive Writers‘ on November 22, 2017, 110 presenters, attendees and volunteers were asked to rank one of 18 disruptions as having the greatest impact on the Canadian Public Service over the next 10 years.  This blog will describe the game ‘Pin the Tale on the Disruption‘ (in case I want to use it in the future) and describe the results of the game including the response rate.

The Results of the Game

The number one identified disruptor (+15%) was the emergence of Artificial Intelligence.  Four disruptors were given more than half of the scoring, these four were:

  1. Evolving Artificial Intelligence
  2. Growing debt Overhang
  3. Cyber Insecurity
  4. IT Revolution 2.0 and the Rise of the Machines

Despite the inclusion of sociopolitical disruptors (e.g. Canadian regionalism, Canada in the age of Trump or De-Population Waves), technology disruptors represented more than a third of the scoring and were in first, third and fourth place respectively.  While hardly a scientific or statistically sound survey, the game ‘Pin the Tale on the Disruption’ should help public service leaders plan and align operational and tactical plans over the next decade.

Results of ‘Pin the Tale on the Disruption’ – FMI Event 2017-11-22

How the Game was Played

  • As part of the pre-conference notes and as a physical hand out, each participant were given 12 dots and a listing of disruptions to vote on.
  • Participants could also ‘make your own disruption’ if they thought one or more were missing (note, no additional disruptions were noted).
  • Dots were applied before the conference and during the break.
  • Instructions were provided upon registration, informally at each table by event leader and then en masse at the start of the session.
  • By apply dots, attendees received a ticket which entered their name in a draw for a prize (note, the tickets were inadvertently forgotten so prizes were given out via other means).

Future Notes on How the Game Went

  • Approximately 1,200 dots were distributed and 757 dots were applied for a response rate of 63%.
  • This response rate is lower than expected (with an ideal around 80%) and could be improved via better floor walkers and in-event promotion.
  • The moderator and the game coordinator had a good rapport.
  • Identifying and having a roving microphone in advance to encourage audience participation would have been ideal.
  • A pre-game run through with the moderator and participants would have been beneficial.

Blog Annex – FMI Event Description:

Disruptive Writers. 

This FMI event will focus on real and potential disruptions and how to navigate change.  Three local authors have each written about this topic from very different perspectives.  These authors will describe their books and their journey to becoming authors.  

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