2017 – Phranks Professional Development

As an accountant, I am both proud and obligated to report my Continuous Professional Learning and Development (PD).  The following are my calendar year 2017 activities which total more than 300 hours (which does not included are some of my social activities such as cycling and snowshoeing).  I have no problem making these as a public declaration given that accountants serve the public.  Within the comments field I will include the learnings, whether it is verifiable or not (e.g. I have a bit of paper to prove that I was there).

Date Event Time (Hours) Comments
2017 Awards and Nominations 20 Member of CPA Alberta awards and nominations committee.  This included attending meetings (~10 hours), reviewing and managing submissions (~20 hours) and developing future plans to improve public sector participation (see the blog series of the same topic).
2017 FMI – Disruptive Writers 100 Although I am only claiming 100 hours, this was actually about 200 hours of effort.  Nevertheless, some great learnings from this event including:

Sep 19 FMI – Lost Dutchman’s Mine 3 Attended and supported its promotion and planning.
July/ Aug Attended and participated in the GoA ERP planning sessions 5+ days for ~10 hours – Learned best practices of supply chain management.
– Participated in planning sessions for the GoA.
improved facilitation methods.
Jun 22 Forrester Briefing – Digital Transformation: Charting a Digital Strategy in the Age of the Citizen 2 Breakfast meeting with the topic of:Technology has mobilized citizens with information and access power they’ve never had before. That changing expectation compels government agencies and organizations to transform to meet their needs.  Attendees will: – Master digital’s new rules. – Learn how to differentiation through digital innovation. – Identify the technologies to transform your digital experiences and operations.
Jun 6 FMI Planning Session 2 Facilitated a planning session to establish the next year’s programming for the Edmonton Chapter.
May 17 GoA: Management Engagement Sessions 2 Facilitated session on employee engagement, management’s role and the GoA employee engagement program.
May 17 FMI: Building a Healthy Workplace 120
Apr 12 Public Institution Cyber Security Protocols Working Group Session 6 Facilitated and attended this work session between the Ministry of Advanced Education and Alberta’s post secondary institutions.  Focus was on how to harden cyber security.
Mar 30 CPA Alberta – Get Connected 2017 2 Attendance at the CPA Mixer between employers and new and existing CPAs.
Feb 26 Public Sector Certificate Level 1 40 For my thoughts on this program see my blog of the same name.
Feb 14 First Look at Microsoft Dynamics 365 2 Presentation by Sierra Systems providing an overview of Dynamics 365 technology.  Held at the Glenora Club.
Feb 9 The Alberta Economy – Between a Budget and a Hard Place 10
  • Attendance (3 hours).
  • Support the development of the pre-conference notes via my interns (Cox and Kaur).
Jan 31 People Leader Community Network – Info Session 1
  • Internal Advanced Education training session on leadership and sharing common methods among management.
 Jan 24 Field trip to Treasury Board and Finance 2
  • What is the role of TBF-Finance relative to the GoA finance function (e.g. inter-units, leadership, etc.)
  • What are some of the issues TBF has in consolidations, preparation of statements, etc.
  • What would a career look like in a corporate agency such as TBF for a new CPA
  • A demonstration of IBRS and how it helps to keep the TBF GL clean particularly through the RIA Module.
  • What is the role of the TBF budget team relative the ministry.
  • What challenges and advantages does your team have in preparing the Ministry budget relative to AE.
  • Discussion on your career trajectory and how a CPA helps you in your budget role.
  • Demonstration of your coolest Budget thing you are currently using
  • What role does a controller play in the GoA
  • As an overview, how are the GoA Financial statement consolidated and what are the issues and challenges of doing so
  • What projects does the controller office have underway that may affect AE finance/itm
  • What would a career look like in a corporate agency such as the controller’s office for a new CPA
 Jan 18 Blockchain Innovation Session #2 2 The role of block chain currently and in the future within the public service.  Presentations by PwC and current users.
322 Total Hours