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The following are articles, conferences and other forms of publications that I have produced. The are organized into one of three categories: Information (including Accounting/Economics), Mass and Adeptness.

Accounting & Economics I get, but what the heck is Mass and Adeptness?

Mass and Adeptness is the underlying premise of this site, Organizational Biology.  It is how organizations really work.  Mass is the physical element(s) of an organization such as machinery, land, but also intangibles such as patents and policies and procedures.  Adeptness is an ephemeral quality by which humans apply mass toward an organizational objective.  For example, it can be the culture or gestalt that makes an organization attractive (or not) to work for and be associated with.

Why separate Information/Accounting/Economics from the other two?  Firstly because I am an accountant so I have a professional and academic interest in the study of information (accounting and economics being different varieties of information).  Secondly because I believe that information management, accounting and economics are ways to measure Organizational Biology.  Thirdly it helps to break up a long list of articles and conference notes into more manageable chunks.

Information, Accounting and Economics Related Articles, Conferences, etc.

Adeptness Related Articles, Conferences, etc.

Mass Related Articles, Conferences, etc.

Family or Fun Publications, Websites, etc.

  • Book “Waskahegan Trail Guide, 7th edition”, Waskahegan Trail Association, 2009 (revised/reprinted, 2012).
  • Phrankism: Maxims, sayings and heuristics to live by.
  • Nothing published but be sure to read the cycling blogs and pages if your are interested.


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