18 Procedure Questions


One Way to avoid having the “Big Honkin’ Binder” is to understand why you are writing policies and procedures in the first place.  Such writing is a hard and thankless task but resources are available to help you.  One such resource is Stephen B. Page (www.companymanuals.com) who has a series of books on the topic.  Page recommends making the following 18 decisions before starting to write.  Certainly if you have at least a partial answer to most of these questions your procedure manual (in SharePoint or not) has a much higher chance of success.

Stephen B. Page’s 18 Decisions to Make Before Writing the First Word!

  1. What is your justification for writing policies and procedures?
  2. Who is the sponsor or manager that endorses/supports your role as a policies and procedures writer?
  3. Who manages the policies and procedures department in your company?
  4. Who writes policies and procedures and why?
  5. Will you have printed manuals and/or online network manuals, or both?
  6. Will there be a separate policy manual and a separate procedure manual?
  7. What is your numbering system for your policy and procedure documents?
  8. Where will the content come from? Who will decide how to research policies and procedures topics?
  9. What is the writing format for your policies and procedures?
  10. Are forms included, or referenced from, in your policies and procedures?
  11. Who reviews the policies and procedures?
  12. Who approves the policies and procedures?
  13. Who distributes the policies and procedures?
  14. Who communicates the published policies and procedures?
  15. Who trains the published policies and procedures?
  16. Who audits the published policies and procedures?
  17. Who monitors the published policies and procedures to ensure they are reasonably up-to-date?
  18. Who recommends improvements to current policies and procedures?

Source: www.companymanuals.com, used with permission.  All rights reserved.