Beyond the Big Honkin’ Binder

Have you ever had the unenviable task of creating a procedure for something?  Maybe a high level set of policies or a hands on ‘How-To’ guide.  Great – now picture the end result in your mind.  Got it pictured?  Okay, where is it now?

Documentation is a Waste of Time

I am willing to bet your picture is of dozens or hundreds of hours work which ended up in  a dusty binder.  The binder was already obsolete when produced, dangerously wrong in a few places and generally ignored.

There are a number of reasons for documentation to be a waste of time (see below for a blog which discusses this).  One of the reasons can be the medium; how information is used, stored and communicated to the end user.  Wood fiber (aka paper) and binders have certain merits and wikis have others.

Read on for the Non-Big Honkin’ Binder Solution

Wikis are a social media or collaboration tool and Microsoft SharePoint comes equipped out of the box with Wikis.  How to use this feature is the subject of the January 2017 Financial Management Institute article: “Big Honkin’ Binder“.

Why SharePoint?  Because most organizations already have it installed and with a little bit of patience and effort you can make it do some cool things. The following links systematically walks an organization through creating a Wiki based procedure guide.  As a bonus, there are two side bars on minimalism and questions to ask before creating procedures.

Table of Contents and Links to Article’s Director’s Cut