EBTC – 2016-03-01: 6:00pm – Just for the Hill of It!

This is the third snowshoe event which has had a bit of a spotty record what with the warm weather.  The weather forecast is great -2C with light  winds.

The Objective

  • Practice ascending and descending slopes with snowshoes and poles.  Links and references:
  • Practice will include
    • Assessing the fall line of a hill.
    • Side stepping
    • V-Step/herringbone climb
    • Slope Traverse
    • Toe-Kick
    • Descent with and without poles

Where are We Going and How to Get Back

Government House Park - parking lot. NW Corner of Grout and River.

Government House Park – parking lot. NW Corner of Grout and River.

  • Meet at Government House Park parking lot.  This park is in the NW Corner of Grout Road and the North Saskatchewan River.  Exit off the western terminus of River Valley Road.
  • We will shoe west along MacKinnon Ravine taking advantage of the small slopes and valleys.
  • As time permits, we will try to get as far west as 142nd Street.
  • Advanced snowshoers can optionally attempt to summit 149th Street and return to the parking lot prior to the main group finishing its route.

What to Take

  • Snowshoes (duh!) and poles (optional).
  • Clothing appropriate to the weather.  Noting that I tend to run hot, I am plan to wear/bring:
    • Hiking boots
    • Lightly insulated shell pants
    • Long sleeve cycling jersey and a cycling shell (shell is shelved fairly quickly)
    • Fleece neck warmer
    • Cycling beanie and/or a baseball cap
    • Full fingered cycling gloves
  • Headlamp (generally these will be off but just in case we need them).
  • Backpack to carry/stow clothing
  • 0.5 – 1.0 litre of water

Books, Where to Buy and Other Resources: