SCRUBBED!  – For Safety Reasons, this session has been cancelled

This is the third of about twelve snowshoe events I will be running for EBTC.  The weather forecast is VERY WARM, -1C with light winds.

The Objective

  • Snowshoeing on a variety of terrains including through the trees.
  • How did the snowshoer crossed the road? (Answer, carefully).
  • Enjoy the legislature lights before they are taken down; bring your camera!

Where are We Going and How to Get Back

  • Meet at the skate shack at the SOUTH end of the legislature grounds (look for an ATCO trailer topped by a giant snowman); if you need an address try: 9515 – 107th Street Edmonton.
  • We will remain on the south lawns of the legislature grounds, don’t worry though – lots of adventure awaits!
South Legislature Grounds

South Legislature Grounds

What to Take

  • Snowshoes (duh!) and poles (optional).
  • Clothing appropriate to the weather.  Noting that I tend to run hot, I am plan to wear/bring:
    • Hiking boots
    • Lightly insulated shell pants
    • Long sleeve cycling jersey and a cycling shell (shell is shelved fairly quickly)
    • Fleece neck warmer
    • Cycling beanie and/or a baseball cap
    • Full fingered cycling gloves
  • Headlamp (generally these will be off but just in case we need them).
  • Backpack to carry/stow clothing
  • 0.5 – 1.0 litre of water

Books, Where to Buy and Other Resources: