LinkedIn – Do I have a Deal for YOU!

Dear LinkedIn, I am a big fan of your product and I have a deal which I think will make both of us fantastically RICH! Okay, it might make you slightly better off and it will save me some time… which in today’s world is the equivalent of getting rich.

I noticed today that you have the ability for members to add courses, great! I have yet to come up with a good way to track my courses. In addition, I have an obligation to my accounting designation to complete professional development. As a soon to be CPA, this will become even more important.  My idea, why not add a few fields next to the course information? They may be things like:

  1. Is this course in support of a professional designation(s)?
  2. How many professional hours was this?
  3. Send to your profession(s) as part of the yearly reporting?

With this functionality, as I take courses throughout the year, I will add them to my profile. They will be appended to my LinkedIn resume information. Then, when it is time to pay my professional dues, I press a button and – BAM – LinkedIn will send the course information to my professional association.  When I took it, hours, where, certification, perhaps even a scan of the certificate (insert details about privacy, membership number, yada, yada, yada – here).

Value Proposition

  • Everyone is happy here.  I am a happy LinkedIn user because you have just solved a major pain in the ASSETS for me – tracking my courses.
  • My profession(s) are happy because they get a consistent and timely reporting of their member’s professional development.
  • You are happy because you just gave me one more reason to not jump to the next big social media thing. Heck, I might even be willing to pay for that feature (if the price is right).

So there you go LinkedIn my idea.  As an aside, I would suggest piloting this with the new CPA designation here in Canada.  The chapters are starting on the ground floor and are looking for innovative ways to show the value of the merger of the legacy designations.

There you go – my idea.  So, can my people call your people about it….