Must Read Books

In 2015 there were a little more than 17,000 Business/Economics books published in the United States out of a total of 256,000 [1].  Assuming business and economic books were evenly divided between them – that is 8,500 for each category.

You could have kept up with all the new books published… assuming you read one per hour and did not bother sleeping for that year!  In other words, there are a lot of books to read, where to start?

Trust Me – Call a Friend

Most people accept recommendations from trusted sources such as a friend or colleague.  Others watch for suggestions in trusted magazines or online blogs.  Others trust the book seller (e.g. Chapters, Audreys or Amazon) for their recommendation.

The common thread in all of the above is ‘Trust’.  We trust our network (immediate or otherwise) to filter out and find the few gems worth reading.

Disruptive Writers and Crowd Sourcing Must Reads

This brings me to an interesting exercise at the next FMI – Edmonton Chapter Event, ‘Must-Reads’.  We are asking attendees, speakers and individual in the know for ‘about 3’ book recommendations. In effect we are crowd sourcing how to spend our precious reading time.

The results so far? 23+ recommendations with more coming in all of the time.  If you are interested in what these reads are, be sure to download the pre-conference notes.  Even better, join us in Edmonton on November 22, 2017 to learn more about these Must Reads!

Some Key Links:

  1. The Hot and Cold Book Categories of 2015, Publishers Weekly.  Access 2017-10-30.