The Edmonton Financial Literacy Society (EFLS) has been re-inventing itself since 1994.  This planning engagement is the next reflection on the role and value EFLS can play in the Edmonton and environ communities.

The facilitation process will proceed from a series of questions to confirm WHY EFLS exists (or should not exist).  From there, a set of questions will look to answer the question, WHAT, HOW, WHERE will EFLS provides community value.

Core Questions

Question 1: What is the worst that can happen, if EFLS ceased to exist tomorrow?

  • Assume all debts are paid off, staff are treated fairly, leases, etc. expire – a clean and graceful exit.
  • Would anyone notice and if so, who in the community?  How would they be affected, to what extent or impact?
  • Who in the community could fill the vacuum left by the EFLS?  How much of the vacuum would be left in the community?
  • Is this enough of a reason to keep EFLS going?

Question 2: What is the value that EFLS adds to the community?

  • How has one individual benefited the work EFLS has done in the past two years?
  • How has one community benefited the work EFLS has done in the past two years?
  • Envision and describe one individual/community who will benefit from EFLS over the next year?  What are the services, products or supports received that has created this value or benefit?

Question 3: What are the various means and methods EFLS can use to impart the value/benefits described above?

  • No restrictions on how we have previously delivered services/training.
  • No restrictions on partnering with other organizations.
  • No restrictions (within reason) on resources, staffing or other constraints.

Question 4: How does the above discussions impact, influence or change the current EFLS vision and mission statement?

  • Vision: To assist in creating a revitalized economic landscape in Canada where the majority of its citizens are financially literate, financially solvent, self reliant and are well – informed consumers making wise choices in the market place conducive to their personal circumstances.
  • Our Mission: To deliver high quality financial literacy education in a holistic manner which is conducive in affecting long term positive behavioral change to those seeking to become more financially solvent and establishing a healthier relationship with their personal finances.


Question 5: So what happens Next?  We are now into terra-incognito.  The above discussions may have brouht the EFLS board exactly to where it started – or they may be somewhere else entirely.  This is the subject of the second evening, answering the question – so what is next?

Materials Needed for the Session

  • Laptop with one person, ideally not a board member, acting as a scribe
  • Flip Charts, markers, note pads, pens and paper
  • A collection of toys and lateral thinking devices.


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