S(p)in City – Cycling Vegas: Wetlands & Lake Las Vegas

Day 3 was the chance to really enjoy Vegas as a metro area that actively supports cycling.  We drove only a little ways from our hotel (mostly to be closer to the bike shop for when it closes) and then rode the street and dedicated bike lanes through Henderson and into Lake Las Vegas.

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Our destination was recommended newly created trail called the wet lands.  A name one does not normally associate with Vegas.  As it turns out, this was a water-course that collects much of the rain water from metro-Vegas, channeling it into Lake Las Vegas and then into Lake Mead.

2014-11-02 - Las Vegas Watershed

2014-11-02 – Las Vegas Watershed

Cycling Lanes in Vegas

Many of the streets in Las Vegas either have a separate cycling lane or a dedicated on-street cycling path.  Generally drivers seem to respect cyclists and for the short time I was in the city, did not notice much in the way of conflict between the two.

2014-11-02 - Las Vegas Cycling Lane

2014-11-02 – Las Vegas Cycling Lane

Wetlands Trail

Following the man-made and natural contours of the desert, the Wetlands trail is an undulating route that starts at the river level, quickly climbs and then desends again back to river level.  Being closer to the metro areas, we saw more walkers and bikers en route including numerous families.

2014-11-02 - Descending to the River After Climbing out of the Valley

2014-11-02 – Descending to the river after Immediately after climbing out of the valley

The trail itself was well-marked with sign posts along the way.

2014-11-02 - Signage en route of the Wetlands Trail

2014-11-02 – Signage en route of the Wetlands Trail

After a juice and snack in Lake Las Vegas (and a decision not to climb the hill to see if Celion Dion was home in her palatial abode), we returned to Henderson.  A side trip to McGhie’s Bike Shop allowed me to pick up a souvenir bike jersey.  Afterwards, we returned the bikes and had a final supper at the Las Vegas Hofbrau Haus (see trip advisor review below).

This was the third and final day of nearly 200km and 8,000 ft of excellent cycling.  I will likely be back to complete some routes and challenges missed in this go-round, but until then –  a great trip in the surprising cycling nirvana of Las Vegas!

2014-11-02 - Day 3 Ride

2014-11-02 – Day 3 Ride

An American Treat, A Bayern Disappointment”

Having lived in Munich for nearly two years, I was used to taking visitors to the HfBH. Ten years on, I thought it would be fun to visit the replica in Las Vegas.

The conclusion, a good illusion, ok food and tasty beer. The LV location was authentic in that the serving staff were a bit indifferent and seemingly bored with the whole schtick.

The food was dry and obviously prepared well in advance so that guest could eat and turn over the table fast for the next set of tourists.  Overall, an OK replica but visit the real thing when you can – even better spend a few days enjoying the German life in a beer garden with real Munchners.