The Photos

A note about the photos that are part of the header.  I am using the same set of photos for  This site is one I set up for my niece, Zaidee (Potter) Jensen who passed away in August 2012 as a result of a Light Rail Transit accident in Edmonton, Alberta. 

All of the images are mine and they represents places and points of time for me.  They also represent images that I would have liked Zaidee to have seen or experienced. 

The constraints of WordPress makes for an interesting canvas.  The aspect ratio is 1000 by 288 pixels or about 4:1.  As a result I had to go through my collection to find horizontally orientated images that also had good composition and substance.  Hopefully you enjoy them.  They are on a random rotation and I plan to keep an eye out for other photo-opportunities that lend themselves to the WordPress canvas.

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